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Book: The Yapana® Way: Restorative Yoga Therapy & the Art of Being

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Take a peek inside (turn the pages with arrow on the right of image) with the following excerpt from Chapter 10, Purposeful Practices. Please allow 5-6 seconds to load.

The Yapana® Way: Restorative Yoga Therapy & the Art of Beingyapana-orange-cover-v12.jpg

Yapana, an ancient Sanskrit word meaning “The support and extension of life.” Leeann Carey’s THE YAPANA WAY presents a unique and insightful refuge from the profound imbalances of the frenzied 21st century lifestyle. Those who consider yoga simply an exercise limit the transformative powers of a complete practice. When one pauses to transcend competition with the self, and others, we embrace the true essence and wisdom of yoga – the development of presence and self-acceptance throughout all aspects of life. Yapana Restorative Yoga Therapy introduces prop-supported BEING and STILL poses that extend and deepen the nature of each experience. Strategic support and extension creates the opportunity to inquire, calm, and accept your practice in a knowledgeable and loving way.

Yapana practice dispels the myth that yoga props infer weakness or a lack of skill. Supported poses help you meet your body/mind where you are in any given moment. Rather than impose arbitrary rules of destination and time, you will discover the path to living a more mindful and wholehearted life. This comprehensive illustrated guide to Yapana practice is designed for those who desire to cultivate their “inner” teacher, inspire a home practice, or bring their yoga into a new level of understanding and self awareness.

ISBN-10: 0989733904
ISBN-13: 978-0989733908

Price: $24.95 + $5.45 shipping/handling (domestic)

Praise for Leeann Carey

“Leeann Carey’s deep personal commitment to yoga shines through her detailed and creative use of props in a yoga that starts at the body and invites you into yourself.”
Loren M. Fishman, M.D., B. Phil., Oxford University
Columbia College of Physicians and Surgeons New York, New York
Co-author with Ellen Saltonstall, Yoga for Osteoporosis

“Leeann Carey captures and shares with us the therapeutic heart of yoga. It’s not just about the pose or the modification. It’s about finding our way to BEING in the pose. Yapana Yoga Therapy supports our body, beautifully. At the same time, it supports our journey to wellness and greater ease in life.”
Neil Pearson, MSc, BScPT, BA-BPHE, RYT500, Physical Therapist & Yoga Therapist
Director, Pain Care Yoga Certificate Programs
Penticton, BC, Canada
Author, Overcome Pain DVDs and book

"I've been looking for a good guide for bringing structured deep relaxation to my classes -- and now I have found this in The Yapana® Way. I especially appreciate the purposeful sequences at the end of the book."
John Kepner, Executive Director, International Association of Yoga Therapists

"One of Leeann’s many special talents is her highly creative use of props to deepen and enrich our yoga practice. The yapana® Way is a valuable collection of insights and practices to teach us how to meet the body where it is. Leeann skillfully shows how to encourage rest and reflection without sacrificing the dynamic aspects of yoga practice."
Eva Norlyk Smith, Ph.D., RYT-500, Managing Editor, YogaUOnline.com

"Yoga is the art of realizing the unchanging equanimity of Stillness that is our underlying essence, which we all share in common. Restorative yoga, as presented by Leeann in her book, The Yapana® Way, supports our body and mind to be still, so that we may realize the secret of Stillness that lies hidden behind our busy minds and active bodies. While this is the most classic, obvious, and vital understanding behind restorative yoga, yet East and West, how many observe it? So, could anything be more needed than what Leeann so skillfully delivers to us in her delicious offering of The Yapana® Way."
Richard Miller, PhD, co-founder the International Association of Yoga Therapy. Founder, the Integrative Restoration Institute. Author, Yoga Nidra: A Meditative Practice for Deep Relaxation and Healing.

"Restorative yoga is such an important practice that reduces stress and promotes healing. Science tells us that emotional, physical, and chemical stresses can cause the body to shut down and tighten. The Yapana® Way offers a beautiful prop-intensive practice that can be used to support joints and keep them fro moving too far into the end ranges so that meditation and self-healing can be realized. Leeann's passion, dedication, and kind heart shines in this wonderfully illustrated book."
Lauren Eirk, MS, MATm, ERTY500
Owner and Developer of Yoga I.S.® Programs



Page count = 205
Photograph count = 210

Chapter Breakdown:
Chapter 1: Yapana Yoga Therapy
Chapter 2: Meet Your Props
Chapter 3: BEING Poses: AWAKENING: Backbends
Chapter 4: UNWINDING: Twists
Chapter 5: DECOMPRESSING: Inversions
Chapter 6: CALMING: Forward Bends
Chapter 7: Other Pose Options
Chapter 8: STILL PosesChapter 9: Being and Breathing
Chapter 10: Purposeful Practices
Chapter 11: Princess and the Pea
Chapter 12: Our Practice Never Ends




Expanding Restorative Repertoire
It's been a long time since Judith Lasater published the wonderful Relax & Renew (the "bible" of Restorative Yoga), and as a result, there are very few Restorative Yoga resources out there for teachers and students. This book adds LOTS of poses and new variations to the basic repertoire, and it will get your wheels turning on how to be creative in your own practice, using props to "bring the pose to you," as she describes. She offers 10 practice sequences that you can do on your own, for low back pain, stiff shoulders, tight hips, pregnancy, stress relief, athletic recovery, etc. Almost every page features a picture, so you can visualize all the subtle details of customizing the practice for you or for your students. There is also great material on what Yoga Therapy is, and how Restorative Yoga fits into the healing that yoga has to offer. As a yoga teacher, I know I'll be drawing ideas and inspirations from this one for a long time. A. De Hilster, Yoga Instructor

Excellent Resource
The Yapana Way is a great tool! Excellent for personal practice as well as teaching. There are photos throughout that demonstrate clearly how to get into poses using props. The instructions are clear and succinct with a gentle lightness. The Yapana Way is equally beneficial as a quick reference as well as in depth learning. You will be pleased! V Miller, Yoga Instructor

Resource out there for Restorative Yoga Therapy
Leeann Carey is simply one of the most intuitive yoga therapists and yoga teachers in the industry. As a physical therapist, I highly endorse this as a wonderful resource for the yoga teacher working with clients with special needs (which is most of our students) and for the yoga therapist working with clients with medical issues. The sequences are well thought out and therapeutic. Highly recommend it for your library and to use as a practice for yourself. C. Kub, Physical Therapist ERYT 500

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